Site selection & feasibility study

We are assisting the clients to choose the most suitable site and to analyze the obstacles or challenges that might affect the development of the project in order to objectively assess the options and manage the development risks.

We make preliminary analysis of the energy resource, distance to transmission, potential set-backs, known environmental limitations, and other important siting factors and provide clients with development opportunities.

A feasibility study is necessary to weigh all of the potential risks and rewards in developing a project. It includes:

  • Potential for energy generation on site
  • Risks associated with the project
  • Preliminary layout and energy production estimate
  • Technical feasibility and technology options
  • Region and country-specific assessments of financial incentives & regulations
  • Potential environmental concerns such as visual and noise impact and threats to endangered species
  • Regulatory requirements and challenges
  • Interconnection options
  • Operational costs assessment
  • Technology design and cost calculations
  • Projected payback on the project