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Zohal Renewable Energy offers a complete range of services for an investment project in a PV system.

We can assist our clients to achieve their goals in order to maximize benefits.

We make our clients’ businesses become more energy efficient, energy sustainable and cost effective.

Our engineers can integrate systems with EU standards and carry out the project supervision and implementation, monitoring, operation and maintenance. We provide our clients lifetime support for their projects.

Our engineers are also DEWA certified for Shams Solar projects and are at the forefront of qualifications in the UAE.

End-to-end consulting

Our experience and expertise give us the energy and potential to assist our clients in every step of the development and realization of their renewable energy projects.

ZOHAL Renewable Energy is helping the clients to experience the positive effects from optimizing efficiency and sustainability through the use of solar renewable energy. In order to maximize the benefits of a PV project, the investor should determine a feasible outlook for solar energy performance, develop strategies for using solar energy to meet the goals of the project, design and construct the most appropriate PV system and implement a successful project.

We offer end-to-end management of projects including site selection, feasibility study, structuring of the business, design, construction, operation, maintenance, structuring and financial planning.

Site selection & feasibility study

We are assisting the clients to choose the most suitable site and to analyze the obstacles or challenges that might affect the development of the project in order to objectively assess the options and manage the development risks.

We make preliminary analysis of the energy resource, distance to transmission, potential set-backs, known environmental limitations, and other important siting factors and provide clients with development opportunities.

A feasibility study is necessary to weigh all of the potential risks and rewards in developing a project. It includes:

  • Potential for energy generation on site
  • Risks associated with the project
  • Preliminary layout and energy production estimate
  • Technical feasibility and technology options
  • Region and country-specific assessments of financial incentives & regulations
  • Potential environmental concerns such as visual and noise impact and threats to endangered species
  • Regulatory requirements and challenges
  • Interconnection options
  • Operational costs assessment
  • Technology design and cost calculations
  • Projected payback on the project

Business structuring

We assist the client to structure the whole project including the organization of the business itself. This includes designing the most appropriate structure of the business model, planning of how the project will be developed and elaborating the business plan.

Design, procurement & construction

ZOHAL Renewable Energy has the resources to organize the project development, project management, engineering, procurement and construction services (EPC) of the PV plant.

We start with project development where we plan of executive activities for different phases, design systems and technologies, choose subcontractors and estimate costs. We also help with the preparation of any solar permits and documents needed for compliance with authority regulations.

The next phase is the project management where we commission plant construction, organize the integration of systems and partners, assist with the delivery of the equipment, coordinate subcontractors and consultants and follow up on the time schedule and cost control.

ZOHAL Renewable Energy is making the supervision of all design, procurement, installation and commissioning of the equipment during execution and guarantee periods of the projects. We aim at assuring trouble-free installation and high efficiency in order to help the project investors obtaining highest possible performance and profitability of the investment.

Operation & maintenance

ZOHAL Renewable Energy provides assistance in the operation and maintenance of the PV systems. With the implementation and start-up the project execution is finished and the project moves from the construction to the operation phase. During the implementation initial and primary acceptance dynamic tests are made, such as mechanical tests, tests without interconnection, tests with interconnection, performance tests. Guarantee performance tests to validate the construction integrity and confirm that the facilities are delivered in a safe, reliable and operational condition for a complete customer satisfaction are made, too. We offer our clients operation training, maintenance and technology expertise.

We also provide preventive maintenance, as well as corrective maintenance and troubleshooting. This includes maintenance planning, preventive activities, emergency repairs, major repairs, optimization system repairs. Maintenance intervals are negotiated in advance.


We do monitoring of the systems’ performance and reporting. Additionally, we have developed and licensed our own SCADA system for real time distance control, managing, forecasting and power production monitoring. This system also supports the easier and more efficient implementation and interconnection of the power plants into the local grid, which is of key importance for small size grid systems.

With a 24/7 monitoring process, we are able to minimize system interruptions in order to increase the reliability of the RES system thus ensuring optimum yields.